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As you can see on these patent photos (And a previously published 3d illustration), the next-generation Acura MDX will be quite an improvement over the current one.
the current generation came out in 2013. Which is a very long time for a modern SUV.
Even though the MDX is still getting very good reviews, the competition has been marching on. And on.

Even no-upscale brands like Hyundai and Kia have great near-luxury SUVs these days.
The current MDX is not cheap. Starting at around $45 000, it is pretty much the price of a loaded Kia Telluride.
I think this new one needs to be a bit more competitive. Maybe…
Since these other SUVs are getting so good, it is harder and harder to justify spending the extra money on an upscale brand. Especially one that doesn’t offer much of a cachet.

I think no matter how good it is, the Acura MDX could be in a tough spot.

The engine will be the new 3.0 Liter Turbo also available in the redesigned 2021 TLX.

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  1. There's actually a good deal of meaningful changes here.
    The DLO is much sportier with the uptick at the D-pillar. And I think the more upright front end is a huge improvement over the current gen's down-sloping/rounded face.

    Most people will see that the grille and headlights/taillights are more mildly updated and throw out the rest as "just a refresh," but I think Acura did a nice job modifying the bones of the car instead of putzing around with another face. I find the diamond pentagon thing works very well.

  2. Im gonna go on a limb to say that this particular set of patent images are of the Type S model and not the standard base MDX. I say this because the lower air intake openings are much larger than the CGI images leaked before. Plus, if you look closely at the grille, the lower corner side of it has a small partion that appears to be where they would place the "Type S" badge at. Hmmmm, so far so good!

  3. I am lost for words. Acura had the last 20+ years to come back to the mainstream but totally wasted their last opportunity. Acura is about to be going down hard. Very saddening.

  4. I am purplexed by the oddly long front overhangs in the recent Acura models. Both the MDX and the TLX are such a disappointment.

  5. why would anyone pick this over the Telluride/Palisade twins? or, if you are aiming for "luxury", why pick the Acura MDX over XC90, X5, GLE, Q7 and even the new Genesis SUV?

    Seems like a lot of investment in creating a "luxury Honda" brand, new models, designs, etc. for relatively little return.. Acura sales must be 10-15% of Honda's … and they don't offer this brand outside of North America… is it worth it?

    what is Acura's strong point? it's not design, driving dynamics/performance, luxury, eco/hybrid performance,

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