2021/22 VW Tiguan Coupe

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Of course, a “coupe” version of the Tiguan is coming.
Since VW seems committed to building these “slightly sleeker” versions of all their current SUVs.
Here, it started with the 2020 Atlas Cross Sport. Which, I think, is a much nicer version of the Atlas.
The current Tiguan came out in Europe 4 years ago and is due for a mid-cycle facelift any time now. 
(pictured HERE)
It is obvious VW will produce a coupe version, but I really thought they would wait for the next generation.
Apparently not. They will do the same thing they did with the Atlas: release the coupe almost at the same time as the revised “regular” version.
In the Atlas case, it meant new lights, bumpers, etc… But unfortunately, no new interior (the one change the Atlas needed the most)
So it will probably be the same thing with the Tiguan. Also unfortunate.
Not sure yet if the Tiguan Coupe will make it to the US. But why not. It would be a way for VW to sell us a 5 seater version of the Tiguan again. 

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  1. the industry is on life support this will never make an apperance.
    not just VW – but everybody.
    time to acknowledge this Vince.

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