2020 Cadillac Escalade in the wild

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It looks like the Escalade is finally being delivered to dealers.
I had the chance to see it in person at the Hollywood Cadillac event back in February.
( which was basically a “Chrome and Whiskey” fun event)
I am not an Escalade fan at all but I was very impressed. The interior is just fantastic.
The “no-cost option” for the amazing 3.0 Diesel is the way to go. I had this engine in my GMC truck test drive and it was amazingly quiet. While actually getting 35MPG on the freeway.
I think this will be quite a cash cow for GM. Again…
HERE are more pictures of the great interior.

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  1. I am getting use to the new Escalade but it too refine., I think may have lost the gangster, rapper interest in this new model. No more free advertising for Cadillac. It is on it own now! No more songs and music videos maybe!

  2. Ralph – “ Perhaps the giant crest is actually bulletproof.”

    You could order a bulletproof model for dispots! Just add another $200K to the price.

  3. i will tell you what is a much better vehicle in every measurable way….the nissan Patrol/Armada, the suv of kings and the infiniti variant….much better. Saudi Kings and their families drive them.

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