2021 BMW 4 series in the wild

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I do have to admit that I am actually getting used to this. Almost…

I even really like the interior. Which is strange since it is exactly the same as the current 3 series (Since the 4 is actually a “3 coupe”). And I was really not crazy about it when the current 3 series came out.
I still think it might be a bit much on light colors, and probably looks better on a darker car.

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  1. Long license plates should not be place in the middle of the grille.

    When ever BMW has a non-German design their cars as in the case with this one, the brand runs into styling issues.

  2. The grille does its job of distracting from the rest of the car which couldn’t be any more boring.

  3. If a license plate looks better on the grill than without one and a blackout grill looks better on the car, that's pretty much sums up that the grill is REALLY HIDEOUS!

  4. You're 100% right. The black grill on the darker car (like that blue on) looks decent. On the white one??? Ridiculous.

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