2021 BMW 4 series

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There it is. The real thing.
I guess some people will get used to that giant obnoxious mouth.
I don’t think I will. I just hate giant useless grilles in general anyway. This is a huge step back in design.
None of these huge grilles fit the rest of the cars they are used one. This is just a huge trend.
Imagine if the next thing is “huge mirrors”. Just huge rearview mirrors on all cars.

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  1. I despise any grill that is mostly fake. What's the point? Other than the giant grill, this is mostly a design by numbers car. Anyone could've looked at existing BMWs and designed this car. Zzzz

  2. So interesting and weird for BMW to be posting this with that license plate in all the images. It is more typical for marketing shots to have more subtle treatment for front license plates…. This looks like BMW is embarrassed about the grill, so is sticking a big bandaid across it!

  3. besides that hideous front end, there are a lot of Infiniti G37/37 and Q60 design lines in this. Especially the roof line and rear quarters.

    I like the design, cause I love the Infiniti models but I will never get passed that front end and that interior is a 10 year old design.

    Not good for 2021 and from a company with near unlimited resources.

  4. gill aside, these ae my favourite BMW headlights in a long time. I'm not a fan of BMW's with headlights that touch the grill.

    I don't like the inverted "Hofmeister Kink". Just like on the 6 Gt it makes the back window look like a Chevy Malibu. I know to many, its an old overused design element, but to me, the kink is such an elegant way to terminate the side-back glazing – and more of a BMW signature than the 2 kidney grill

  5. The grille is definitely hideous.. but so is that rear quarter window shape. Not only is it oddly kinked in all the wrong places, it is pretty much anonymous. Guess that's why they needed the huge schnozz to remind us what kind of car it is?

  6. I was so ready to hate this car, after seeing these pictures, I think it looks great and yes, even the grille!

  7. It looks fine. Just get over it. Some people do not like change. I used to bitch about the Acura beak, and now I miss it.

  8. Since when we are talking about the looks and totally ignore the absence of the manual transmission? Oh, I forgot, this is "the looks" blog… my bad.

  9. I was thinking the exact same thing as far as the Infiniti goes. I was even seeing some first gen G35 coupe in the window cutline. I think the Q60 looks way better over all.

  10. The front grill design, while not as stylish as it's predecessor is not nearly as bad as I thought it was going to be. If Lexus can make their giant spindle successful, BMW can do the same with enlarged kidneys.

  11. I like the blue car more than the white one, the front end is a bit more aggressive, I think this may be the "M Sport" or whatever they call that package nowadays.

    Echoing others, could easily be mistaken for infiniti the side profile is generic, one thing that made BMWs instantly recognizable was the kink in the rear window but they've moved away from that (just like in the recent 6 and 8 series)

    the trunk opening must be dismal, look at the side view of the blue car.. an issue with most modern cars that have aerodynamic sloping rear windows. Pity they didn't set this up a a pilarless coupe, having both side windows retract.

    on positive note, the interior seems nice, especially the bolstered front seats.

  12. Google BMW race cars of the 1930's and you will see enormous grilles, which, I assume, is the inspiration for the current, controversial grille. But if you look into BMW's past designs, it makes much more sense.

  13. Aside from the hideous front end, great-looking car. Too bad they had to ruin it with that Edsel-like mouth.

    P.S., the new BMWs mark the demise of the traditional "Hofmeister kink."

  14. I like it. I have noticed cars that get blasted by the comment section tend to sell well. Its a good sign for BMW.

  15. Porky Pig called– he wants his snout back! Oink! Grill looks like an open waffle maker or panini press. Hideous.

  16. driver's seat leather all kinked and ill fitting and BMW supplied these pics…..hello! what a mess this will be for quality

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