2021 Mercedes S-Class

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We have seen quite a few spy shots of the next generation S-Class. Including the crazy interior design (HERE)
For the first time, this new one (top) shows most of the profile.
Which does look new. But, as I mentioned before, the glass area and roof still looks exactly the same as the current car.
Which is rather obvious on these photos. Basically, I am not 100% sure the next S-Class is 100% new.

Which would explain why the crazy futuristic interior design does not match the exterior at all.
Since it had to use some of the old (current) generation…

What do you think?

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  1. Evolution on the outside, revolution on the inside. That was always the S-class mantra. And it has been working just fine for them, judging by the sales. If people want something less conservative, they'll have the EQS in a couple of years.

  2. The upcoming S Class looks okay to me since I like the current look. I think the big vertical screen is to appear to be modern in feel. A glamorous Tesla infotainment with luxury interior. It took me a couple days to get use to the look of the Model S – 14” screen, but after that I really like it!

  3. The biggest dealbreakers aren't visible in the photos.. the current S has a rear end and taillight design that is at least unique and distinctive in the M-B lineup, but from what uncovered spy shots we've seen of the new one, the huge triangular horizontally-oriented taillights and the simplified plasticky grille look pretty much like what you'd find on the A-class.

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