2021 Nissan Rogue short video clip

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This isn’t much. But we do get to see the all-new Rogue in action (a little bit)

And it does look quite nice. Nicer than the early pictures I posted a while ago.

Still, it’s really too bad they don’t offer some kind of electrification for this.

Even though the Leaf was ahead of many, Nissan is now very behind about hybrids. At least in the US.

Honda now offers Hybrid versions of the Accord and CR-V for not much more money.

And Toyota is starting to offer models with standard hybrid tech (Venza and Sienna)

Nissan really needs to offer more powertrains on the Rogue.

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  1. Yea… this also came out the day of its unveiling. But I do believe the Rogue will be one of those cars that will be better appreciated in person. At first it looked too bland compared to the old Rogue with a bold face, but with more pics in natural lighting you can see theres some surfacing that doesn't really show up well in photos.

  2. "Still, it's really too bad they don't offer some kind of electrification for this."

    I guess they don't want internal competition with the upcoming Ariya. Lets see if this move will pay off from them.

  3. I expect them to eventually bring their e-Power technology to the USA. Hopefully the new Rogue will get it.

  4. The Ariya being a pure EV, I really think there is room for a hybrid or plug-in hybrid version of the Rogue.

  5. Only suckers still buy hybrids. The future is full EV, hybrids are just a lame stopgap until everyone buys electric cars. I guess Nissan is smart enough to see the future.

  6. @anonymous at 8:03 PM. Some folks can't buy full EVs without a more comprehensive charging infrastructure. Maybe eventually, but it isn't feasible for everyone currently, which is why hybrids remain a reasonable alternative. I live in a city and have street parking; no access to charging. My office (which I'm not going to currently because of COVID) doesn't have charging stations, so I would have no way to charge my vehicle regularly.

  7. @Patrick I don't know where you live, but Tesla has superchargers almost everywhere. That may be a problem if you own a Leaf or a Bolt, but for a Tesla owner this is almost unthinkable. And the few places without chargers will have them very, very soon.

  8. "EV's are worse for the environment than ICE's."

    Yeah, keep repeating that mantra like the mindless drone that you are.

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