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While the US is not getting the new ID.3 hatchback, the larger “more SUV like” ID.4 will be coming here next year.
Not sure about the specs, but they should be pretty similar to the ID.3. Since they are closely related.
For some reason, it looks like VW designed 2 different front ends. I mean even the headlights are different…
Maybe one more luxurious and one sportier?
Who knows. And why…
I think it looks much nicer than VW’s current SUVs. Like the Tiguan.
But that’s not saying much. 
I do like to see more competition for the very expensive Tesla Model Y. This should be a bit cheaper…

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  1. ID.4 X (grey) And ID.4 Crozz Electric (white car). One is a tiny bit taller and longer most likely for China.
    The US spec will be made in the US, while the European one will be German built. China's longer version is made there.

    I think it would be smart for VW's new boss to ship the ID.3 here because American's still love the Golf size dimensions, yet VW doesn't know that.

  2. I also think they should offer the ID.3 over here. Unfortunately, VW has a long history of misunderstanding the US market.

    It all started in 1978 when they decided to build the popular Rabbit (1st gen Golf name in the US) in the US and "Americanize" it. They softened the suspension and modified the interior (like adding fake wood trim on the dash!!!)

    They have had this strange idea of what Americans want. And it has been wrong for years. VW works in the US when they offer a true, more affordable, German driving experience. None of their products offer that at all.
    In the US at least, they are just a "German Toyota" without the reliability.

  3. Vince – I've been reading your posts for years and I have never agreed with you more!!

    VW seems to do everything perfectly WRONG with their U.S. products and marketing.

    And it has been this way for decades (as you pointed out so well).

  4. Seriously, they can't hire a statistician and survey what the American public likes? IMO perhaps a slight suspension adjustment and maybe a bit more power is all they need to do to their cars. Whenever they reinvent the wheel for the US they shoot themselves in the foot.The ID.3 by far going to be perhaps the most successful car they have built since the first Bug.

  5. Two words will kill this: Nissan Ariya

    Much more stylish, better interior and not to mention much better reliability than the horrendous VW reliability.

  6. The ID 3 should have replaced the Golf completely in the US market since there is no real loyalty for that model (other than the GTIs), and the ID 4 should sell alongside the Tiguan here until the next generations of both merge.

  7. They're two different looks because one will be sold as each of their Chinese joint ventures. A very small amount of research and you would've found that out.

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