Better pictures of the new VW Arteon Wagon

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These pictures are of the regular “non R” version of the new wagon. And I think it looks fantastic.
This is one of the best wagon designs I have seen in years. (With the Mazda 6 wagon we don’t get over here)
And of course, this will only be a forbidden fruit for US customers. As VW has once again decided we don’t deserve it. (or actually won’t buy it…)
The revised interior also looks great. More upscale than before and still simple. 
The only mistake for me would be the cargo floor. Which, at least on the picture I have seen, looks like it is not totally flat. (Which is odd. Unless the picture doesn’t show an extra shelf you can use back there)
This is really too bad…

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  1. I like this design actually.
    VW got some decent designs coming up in the future, but its to bad the company cannot built reliable vehicles, what a shame. We got car companies like Hyunda/Kia that built more reliable vehicles now days. The resale value is awful as well.

    I won't touch another VW in a long time.

  2. great looking vehicles, both put the Passat to shame. Nicer interiors as well, better than the blocky and very dark Atlas. the red wagon in the mid-$30s would have been a sure winner for them…

    agree with other comments, the VW reliability is suspect, we've had 5 and they got progressively worse and worse. with the current lineup

  3. "As VW has once again decided we don't deserve it. (or actually won't buy it…)"

    Well, they're not wrong, are they? Every time an automaker decides to be nice and bring a wagon to Burgerland, most americans reject them because they can't get their absurdly fat asses in one. See Jaguar XF sportbrake, Volvo V90…

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