More pictures of the new VW Viloran Minivan

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This has already been designed, engineered. Is being sold in China right now.
I am not sure why VW isn’t trying this in the US. I can’t imagine the gamble being that high…
It seems that many manufacturers still find ways to make money selling minivans in the US.
We just saw a revised Chrysler Pacifica and an all-new Toyota Sienna. An all-new Kia Sedona is just around the corner. And Honda is getting a new Odyssey ready soon.
So why not this??
It doesn’t look like VW is after big numbers in the US anyway. Their best-seller, the Tiguan did well last year with almost 110 000 units sold.
But that’s about 4 times LESS than its competition from Toyota or Nissan. 4 times!
I mean, why not try this? I think it looks really nice and quite upscale. The interior is n’t that great, looking a lot like a fancier Atlas. (But that doesn’t seem to bother that many people…)
VW could be so much more successful in the US if they wanted to…

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  1. Many minivans are now used by contractors like carpenters and electricians now. Of course, minivans could come back and use by the family too.

  2. This is smaller than the Pacifica and the Sienna, and the market for minivans is getting smaller by the day, to the point it's almost a tiny niche now. But in China there's a huge demand for minivans (they're seen as "luxury cars" there). It makes perfect sense that they don't sell this in the US.

  3. Odd that there is no longer a market here for a small minivan. Older people should like the lower ground clearance compared to C/SUVs, while they'd still get the tall seating and doors.

  4. It's a Chinese VW, and very few – if any – Chinese VWs are ever sold outside China; I could see that they are probably not engineered to meet say federal regulations (or European ones), or that simply the quality standard/ride/NVH is not up with Western standards of VW; And adapting this to say federal crash test standards might cost more than the little money they could make form that (let's face it, VW sells the Sharan in Europe, which is a decade old, and there aren't even rumors that this might replace it)

  5. Nice clean lines and the second row seats look very comfortable. They should try to sell it here in the US, if it doesn't need a lot of costly modifications.

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