2021 Ford Bronco: new teasers

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And, it is still looking really good. And exactly what peole expect about a reborn Bronco.
The 3rd pic appears to be the Bronco Sport. Which has nothing to do with the “real Bronco” since it is just a redesigned Escape.
Which is fine as well. Since only about 1% of people really want to do some serious off roading with their car/trucks. The smaller (friendlier?) and probably cheaper Bronco Sport should end up being quite popular. (And since the Escape is available as a hybrid and plug-in hybrid, the Bronco Sport could very well offer these options as well.)
Unfortunnatelly, from what we have seen so far in spy shots, the Bronco Sport doesn’t have an all new interior design. It still uses bits from the Escape interior, and the whole thing doesn’t look as cool as the Bronco inspired exterior.
On the other hand, the “regular” Bronco interior seems great and as retro as the exterior.
More pics very soon. 

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