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Unlike Cadillac, the all-new Nissan EV we will be seeing in 2 weeks is not a concept.
As Nissan is ready to show the world the production version of their gorgeous Ariya Concept.
(While Cadillac, in August, will still only show us a concept version of the Lyric…)
From what we have seen so far, it seems the production version will stay amazingly close to the concept. Which is fantastic.

If they can keep a base price below $40 000 and a range of at least 300 miles, they will have a winner.
Not only this would be very tractive to people looking for a roomy yet quite compact electric car.
But for those who just want to drive something that looks great!

So far, it seems its main competition would be from something like the Hyundai Kona EV. Which is a great EV. But looks quite busy outside, and 100% outdated when compared to the Ariya.
The Kona’s interior is also quite old and a bit sad looking…

From what we have seen of recent patent pictures of the Ariya, the Nissan will be as gorgeous and futuristic inside as it is outside.

I think Nissan should really price this just a bit above the Leaf. Merge the next-generation Leaf with the smaller Renault Zoe. And make it cheaper.

I actually can’t wait to see this.

Just as a reminder, here is Nissan’s official video of the Ariya concept.

What do you think?

– Trouble for the expensive Model Y.
– Trouble the Kona EV.
– Trouble for the upcoming Bolt SUV
– Death of the Leaf.

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  1. We are finally about to have affordably priced EVs in useful sizes and shapes. No more tiny Leafs or Bolts, that cost too much and look like cheap hatchbacks.

  2. I don't know why they are even teasing it. We know the "concept" was just a thinly veiled preview of the production car, which in this case is a good thing. It will be a neat looking thing, much more attractive than the sad Leaf. Hopefully it will be priced competitively. I think Nissan is smart enough to know this can't be as expensive as the Model Y, because if it were it would just be crushed by the Tesla.

  3. I will explore this model as a possible next car, however I do like the new Bronco 2 door which is on the opposite side of the spectrum.

  4. Looks like this will be a great looking vehicle. So far it seems very close to the concept, which is a good thing. If they spec it and price it right, this is a sure homerun for them. Now show us the Pathfinder and Z Nissan!

  5. I don't believe the teaser image is the real deal. The car in the video has veeery slight difference in the paneling/details of the grille and headlights. I find it extremely hard to believe Nissan is putting an illuminated grille on their production car. Maybe it's just a non-lit 2D graphic?
    And I'm curious what that clay detail is at 0:07. Looks to me like a typical bumper intake for foglamps, but the teaser image looks way more smooth (without it).

    Cautiously optimistic, because if it's as close to the press images and leaks, this should be a home-run.

  6. I think this looks great, and is just the thing I am looking for.

    Nissan, I hope you have an interesting color palette available. That orange leather that's in the Sentra perhaps?

    300 honest miles is just the ticket.

  7. Looks like another subcompact BEV! The size is not that appealing to U.S. buyers judging sales of the Leaf and Bolt!

  8. Another pointless teaser. At least we know, based on the concept, that it will be a far more confident design than the Mustang Mach E. Only the rear is a little bland and unconvincing imo. But, at the end of the day, all that matters are the range and price. As Vince said, if it has a 300 miles range and is priced below the Model Y, this will be a mega hit for Nissan.

  9. @ Harry_Wild a subcompact??? The Ariya is not a subcompact. It's almost the same size as the Rogue, but with an interior that is nearly the same size as the Murano. This will use dual electric motors similar to a prototype AWD Leaf Nissan showed off in the fall of 2019. This will have a range of 300 miles compared to Leaf's 226 miles. Without a doubt this will be a step above the Leaf in every way. This vehicle will be closer to Tesla Model Y than the Bolt. I for one can't wait for this to be unveiled.

  10. Having owned 4 Nissan Leafs and 3 Teslas, I can't wait for it. I will trade my 2019 Leaf and 2020 Rogue since it will give me exactly what I need in terms of space and EVness. I was thinking about the Model Y in base form, but it is not out yet and who knows when it will be. But overall, I like the Ariya better than the Model Y anyhow.

  11. Oh boy, better get prepared for the hundreds of Nissan shill comments here when this thing launches. Just like when the new Rogue was launched…

  12. This will have zero impact on Tesla, just as every major automaker electric has had zero impact in Tesla. It might hurt its miniscule selling competitors from Chevy, Kia, etc., but their numbers are already so tiny it will be hard to tell.

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