All new KIA EV: production version of the “Imagine’ Concept?

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I am afraid not.

As you can see, the prototype already has a much more angular design than the great looking “Imagine” concept from last year.
With its squared off A-pillar and flat roof, it matches recent Kia designs like the Soul or all new 2021 Sedona. Not the much sleeker new K5 sedan.
I guess this is probably based on the same platform as the upcoming all new Hyundai EV, which is based on the 45 Concept.

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  1. I like what I'm seeing so far. Hopefully the interior wont look too bland or odd, as seen in the concept.

  2. There is a next generation Niro on Spy shots now too. It is taking after the Kia Habaniro concept. It looks a lot like the Habaniro even if it is wearing the black dress. I cant say the name of the blog because it is another blog hopefully Vince will find it and post it. But a Hybrid Next gen Niro and This? That's a lot going on in their R&D.

  3. Vice if you want a hint of the spy shots of the next Niro try where it was first captured IN S. KOREA. Start there. But I'm not going to mention the blog. It is around July 15th to 17th. Yup next Generation Niro also spied as well. I saw it.

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