Infiniti QX60 Monograph Concept: this is it.

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No specs or interior photos yet. (Seeing these dark windows, it looks like Infiniti might wait for the production version to show us the interior?)
Add smaller wheels and door handles, and you basically have the next-generation QX60.
Besides the huge chromy grille, this is a very clean and simple design. And a very nice update.
This will go head to head with the all-new Acura MDX. Although most people have actually forgotten about Infiniti, and Nissan might really have an uphill battle here.
Not helping Infiniti, a new Lexus RX is also due out next year as a 2022 model.
More on this soon.

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  1. I’m so happy to see they got rid of the strange side rear window treatment. This looks more modern.

  2. CVT is terrible… we only keep getting stuck with it because Nissan bought the company that builds it. Infiniti could go world-class and outsource one of several excellent conventional transmissions.
    3.5 naturally aspirated? Kinda dull these days. 3.0TT might be too powerful , but would be more expensive. A hybrid drivetrain is stil available, an update to that would be appreciated. Get us some nice electric torque!

  3. this is gorgeous. It was badly needed. all excellent improvements and advancements. i feel this will bounce Infiniti straight back into the fray of volume sales.

  4. ok listen up…….
    up above theres a simple comment of someone who isn't really aware of the car business with their CVT comment. they are thinking perhaps that Nissan is the only one offering it, but Honda, Toyota, and many others widely use CVT's in their lineups. Nissan was first into widespread use of CVT's and as with all early units, they needed fine tuning for North American tastes. The CVT offered today is excellent and efficient. This unit, as with the Pathfinder will have a high quality 9 Speed transmission as they will be widely used for towing and CVT doesn't really cut in that segment.

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