New Nissan Pick-up: is it the new Frontier?

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Let’s hope not. The early spy shots we have seen of the next generation Frontier looked a bit better. 
With a more squared-off design. So I am not sure what this is. But I think it could be a revised Navara, the Frontier’s overseas’s cousin.
What do you think?

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  1. This is not the Frontier, it does look like a revised Navara like you mentioned. If you noticed is the same profile as the Navara and I even think the same headlights.

  2. We know this isn't the frontier. Nissan has given us multiple glimpses of the frontier and it looks nothing like this

  3. Nissan's Titan is leaving Canada, and will soon be discarded I guess in USA also, and now they're making a "new" Frontier with the (very) old one's bones. So it looks like a last attempt issue too. And they made the new Leaf on the (very) old one. And Mitsubishi is leaving many markets. And Datsun has been discontinued. And so on.
    Future's problems don't look far ahead at Nissan.

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