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It looks like Toyota has not changed the Mirai design, at all, from the concept we saw in 2019. Which is great news. 
The 2nd generation Hydrogen sedan looks great. Unlike the current model which is one of the ugliest cars on the road, inside and out.
This is a modern, classy, and cohesive design. Everything the current generation is not.
It is now also based on an all-new RWD platform. 
The current Mirai offers a 300 miles range. With Toyota offering free refills for 3 years. The current lease being set at $389 a month.
In California, a hydrogen-powered car does make sense for many. As there are quite a few charging stations throughout the state. ( There are at least 3 of them within 15 minute of where I live)
Depending on how much you drive, (And how much you could save on gas with the free hydrogen) this could be a way to get a nice car with cheap monthly payments.
The new 2021 Mirai is expected to get a 400 miles range. Keep in mind it only takes 5 mn to recharge.
If Toyota is able to keep the lease payments at under $400 a month for the new model, I could really see this as a viable option for many people interested in a nice, upscale sedan.
What do you think? Would you consider a 400 miles Hydrogen car?

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  1. Only if the rear section of the side glass is an actual window and not a gloss black plastic panel…

  2. If I lived in California, then sure, but I am not even sure we have a hydrogen fill station in Tennessee. It definitely receives the most improved vehicle award of the last few decades though.

  3. Gotta admit that rear end is clean, aggressive and so un-like Toyota! Love the exterior. But that interior is a sh*t show! Less is more guys!

  4. I don't know why people consider this car attractive. It is indeed clean and coherent. But it is also bland and odd-looking, with the DLO extending past the rear wheels. A for effort though.

  5. It all depends where you live…
    As I mentioned, there are 3 stations not far from me, so it is a good solution for people around here. The car isn't sold in every state, of course. So far it is only available in California and Hawaii.

  6. Huge improvement! Nice and unique design inside and out. They should make a BEV with the same/similar design.

  7. As a show car in that beautiful blue I found this to be a stunning effort, more a replacement for the LS than a new Mirai as far as design and presence go.. but seeing it in real life white I'm much less impressed. The body is smooth and sleek but the huge wheels make it look almost cartoon-like, and the slim windows and trunk cutline gap (why not a hatch?) make me think three-year-old rental return. Way to screw it up Toyota!

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