2021 Ford Equator: new interior photos…

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Ford is coming out with another SUV for the Chinese market. The new Equator.
It is a 7 seater and powered by a 2.0 Liter Turbo engine. It will be about 6 inches shorter than the Explorer.  Which I guess it might be competing with anyway.
It would also compete with the 7 seater version of the Edge sold in China. 
I guess Ford just wants to offer as many SUVs as they can. No matter how close they are to each other in size.
The interior is quite modern. Much more so than anything they offer in the US. It also looks very similar to the 2021 revised Edge for the Chinese market.
It is just a matter of time until this interior style ends up in the US as well. In the Explorer or the Escape.
Which will make the current designs very old looking indeed…


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  1. It's odd that the Chinese market is getting the wide horizontal screen while in the US we are getting the vertical screens. So much for One Ford.

    But yes, I guess that in the end the US models will conform to the Chinese design.

  2. "I guess that in the end the US models will conform to the Chinese design"

    Isn't that the trend? The US bending over and conforming to China's desires?
    It's a sad, sad state of affairs. And it's only gonna get worse. Much, much worse.

  3. The interior would be welcomed in the US, instead of the geriatric plastic button riddled monstrosities of the past. Ford definitely needs to let its foreign teams take the lead and bring some appealing products to the lineup. Maybe people will actually start shopping with them in greater numbers instead of going to Honda, Toyota, and now even Hyundai.

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