2022 Ford Evos: new illustration…

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 We just saw new spy photos (HERE) of the 2022 Ford Evos crossover/wagon and already we have an illustration.

Which, kind of, looks like previous photos we had seen from China a few weeks ago (HERE). Let’s hope the real thing looks better. The illustration above shows something that could have come out about 10 years ago. 

I do like the idea of a hatchback/wagon style. But Ford doesn’t have the big following Subaru enjoys with the Outback. Unlike Subaru, they do need to make their offering attractive if they want to sell any…

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  1. That's a horrible illustration considering there are already spy shots that reveal the front and rear of the new model.

  2. Looks like an upsized Focus Wagon – the one we are not getting. It would be great if Ford revisited that decision. It would be much nicer to have a Focus Wagon Activ instead of a new Ecosport.

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