2022 Mini Cooper: a few changes…

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Mini just revealed the Cooper and Cooper S for 2022. With quite a bit of change. 
As you can see, the front end is new. While the rear isn’t that different.
the interior received small changes as well. 
And you can finally now order an adaptable suspension system. Which could make the Mini a bit more pleasant to   drive on bad roads (finally)
This is not an all-new generation. And it still doesn’t really match the spy shots taken in China a few months ago (bottom pic) Which is really strange. Since a revised model now means an all-new one is at least 2 years away.
The shape of the hatch is different. So are the mirrors. (more pix HERE)
Unless the Chinese market will be getting its own version soon?
What do you think?


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  1. All these traditional car manufacturers are wasting their money on the stupid cars that will soon end up becoming pieces of junk. We should ban any new fossil fuel cars (specially these low tech British cars that only rely on its pretty looks) and move all the existing ones to junkyards. EV and Hydrogen Fuel cell vehicles are the ones that will save our environment, the climate, and humanity.

  2. There have been for a while rumors of a smaller (well, closer to original "New Mini" sized) EV Mini, probably it#s that; Or who knows, maybe China will get a new Mini first, and Europa and the rest will just follow for 2023?

    Finally it's China after all, might as well be a clone….

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