2022/23 Ford Escape/Kuga: new illustration…

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The illustration on top shows what the upcoming mid-cycle refresh for the Ford Escape (Kuga in Europe) could look like.
I think it doesn’t look as good as what we have now. The super angular grille/headlights don’t match the rest of the car at all.
I think the real thing will end up looking more like the revised Focus front end we just saw for China and Europe. And even the all-new Ford Evos (HERE).
I also think Ford will soon adopt these giant super-wide screens in most of their upcoming, redesigned interiors.
Again, similar to the one in the Evos interior (HERE) or the Chinese Edge (HERE).
It will be an “all-screen, all the time” world…

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  1. Why not like the Chinese version of the Escape, which already has a grille that matches the other vehicles you mentioned?

  2. Quite the contrary! I've always found the Escape face to look like a very stupid face… This new look would make it much more serious, less "clowny". Good move, if that's the real thing.

  3. Man I'm really not liking the direction Ford has been going, usually spear-headed with their China models. That new grille is just BAD. Oversized, poorly shaped and integrated. The connection with the headlights is too weak.

    I know the happy guppy look was starting to age, but this doesn't look any better. Reminds me of the Mustang facelift that looks a good deal worse than the original.

    Hope the upcoming Evos doesn't follow this trend…

  4. the issue of whether the grille "matches" the rest of the car is the LEAST of their issues. The Escape has been a total DUD. Some of the WORST reviews I've ever seen for an all-new Ford. Also, the front overhang, relative the the body, is grotesquely disproportioned. So, who cares if the shape is slightly too angular. They need SOMETHING to change the course of this historic disaster. #titantic

  5. This looks better than the current Escape's wannabe(old) C-Max looks.

    One other comment/question, about a Ford crossover ; are they getting rid of current ecosport, and replacing it with Puma, or making new larger more car like Ecosport? Seems ford is forgetting their "small"crossoover vehicles for good?

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