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This new illustration of the upcoming 2022 Ford Evos does look quite realistic.

And for the most part, seems to match the spy shots we have already seen of teh car (HERE)

Most illustrations I have seen of that car end up looking a lot like the Mustang Mach-e. Which is weird. Why have two models looking so similar? Since they do not share platforms. One is an EV, one is not. (Although the illustration above does show an EV charging port for some reason. maybe showing a plug-in version)

On top of that, even though I personally liked the Honda Crosstour, I am not sure the market is ready for a blend of Crosstour and Mach-e. 

Let’s hope the final car is a bit more original than this…

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  1. nice overall shape, agree it's almost identical to Mach-E. No crazy origami folds but what is up with the headlights? They seem like a complete afterthought… "wait guys, we forgot the low/high beams".. "ah.. jut stick on these Pep Boys ones"

  2. I like it better than the Mustang Mach-E. Mostly because a it doesn't have Mustang in the name!

  3. Ford sells a lot in the Midwest. There's a lot of empty space without charging, so they better have the ability to us gasoline in some way – even to run a range extending engine.

  4. Not really sure what the point is in having another crossover that looks this similar to the Mach E. Maybe for the buyers that aren't convinced an EV is the way to go for them, and still want that gas powered option. More seating capacity could make it more relevant though. I feel like they both could work against each other in sales.

  5. The more I see of this, the less it looks like an Outback competitor. The Outback is a large, boxy wagon. This new Ford seems to be way sportier looking and has a sloping hatch, so less room in the back.

  6. Drew is correct.. lazy Mach-E photoshop, this looks nothing like the spy shots we've seen before.

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