2022 Genesis G90: new spy shots…

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As you can see on these new photos, the upcoming 2022 Genesis G90 sedan actually looks a lot like the current one. At least the general silhouette. This could mean it is not an all-new car. Although most of the body panels seem redesigned.
Either way, it will “look new”. And since the large luxury sedan market isn’t on fire right now, why not save money on this. An electric version of the new G9 is also planned. Which will be competing with the Tesla Model S and upcoming Mercedes EQS.


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  1. Just like the GV80, Genesis is borrowing a lot of Bentley design elements with the upcoming G90 toward the D pillar and trunk area.
    I do like their attempt at taking on the high brass luxury models but Genesis is accelerating at a rate most Americans are not ready for.
    The G80 should be the most expensive model they sell in North America.

  2. Beautiful (untrendy) wheels on the current one, hideous wheels on the spy shots. I reserve judgement on the greenhouse change, but they really only needed to remove the fender vent to improve the look.

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