2022 Kia K8: no more Cadenza…

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That new Kia K8 does look pretty slick. Although I’m not sure about hat giant mouth. Which makes it look like a shark wearing braces.
Plus, it’s mostly filled up. Therefore useless. But, for some reason, it doesn’t look as bad or weird as I thought it would.
The rest of the design looks really nice. Quite simple too.
Of course, the ridiculously small trunk opening is an abomination. But it seems people don’t care these days. On one hand, they want the biggest SUV to carry around all the stuff they don’t have. 
On the other hand, they don’t care if you can squeeze anything into through these tiny sedan trunk openings.
So weird. Logically, you would think SUVs would make hatchbacks even more popular.
But somehow, that’s not how it works on this planet.
Since the Cadenza has just been canceled in the US, I really don’t think this is coming over here. At all.
I mean, they sold 1577 Cadenzas in the US in 2019…


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  1. this looks more like a "flagship" than the recently cancelled Jaguar XJ. Even the designs are somewhat similar with that ridiculous trunk opening on both. Fix up the grille a bit, replace the KIA logos with Jag and you have a flagship!

    In a strange way, these new aero designs with the rear window merging into an abbreviated trunk makes me long for the 1980s US designs on near vertical rear windows, e.g. Mercury Cougar, Caddy Eldorado, etc

  2. "Shark wearing braces," is very appropriate since the new K8 also has a very Sorento looking dorsal fin attached to it's rear 1/4 window. Guessing it looked too much like an Avalon, so they had to do something.

  3. This looks more like what a new Hyundai Azera would look like than a new Cadenza. The rear quarter shot looks like a Sonata, and that grill has all the diamonds like the new Elantra and Tucson.

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