2023 Honda Odyssey: new illustration…

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 Although I think this would actually be pretty nice. And much simpler and more modern than what they have now. It also seems very unrealistic.

Since it would be a complete design departure for Honda.

Although… From what we have seen so far of the redesigned 2022 HR-V, it seems they are willing to completely start over with some of their models. (The illustration above seems to show what the next Odyssey would look like by following the all- new 2021 Fit design.) 

So… Maybe???

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  1. Maybe for the Japanese version, which is a distinct vehicle and had four conventional doors more recently, but def not for the US Odyssey.

  2. Honda Shuttle is correct; notice the 4 lug wheel pattern. Size and scale, this is much smaller than any Odyssey, JDM or USDM.

  3. If this is based on the Fit / Jazz, then it's even smaller than the Mazda 5 of yore, though the regular, non-sliding rear doors are reminiscent of the first US Oddy, which still is significantly smaller than what we have now.

    Bottom line: ain't gonna happen.

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