2022 Honda HR-V: even more pictures…

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Just a few more photos of the upcoming 2022 Honda HR-V. It will probably grow a bit in size but not by much.
It looks like Honda decided to go for a completely different look and personality for the new HR-V. Abandoning the cute and rounded look of the current generation.
Which is a bit strange since it has been very popular…
I guess the “square with smaller windows” look seems more aggressive. And that’s what many people seem to want these days. Something that looks more aggressive, even in small cars…

As you can see, the next HR-V will adopt a few design cues from the recently introduced SUVe Concept.

It will end up looking much more like a 4 door production version of the concept. 
Straight lines and narrower windows. 
What do you think? Will this end up being more popular?
More pictures of the upcoming 2022 Honda HR-V:  HERE, HERE and HERE.

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  1. I own a 2019 Honda Odyssey Elite. It's such a piece of $h!t that I wouldn't recommend anyone to own a Honda. Electrical issues are out of control, the company does nothing, and there's numerous claim on line with most of the rest of the line as well. Mine has 12,000 miles, been towed twice, and in for repairs 10 times. Start away from this one as well.

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