2021 Tesla Model S: better look inside…

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The 2 photos on top show a better view of the revised Tesla Model S interior. And I think it does look much better than Tesla’s official pix (bottom)
You can see how the screen can now be angled toward the driver. Which is very nice. The trim isn’t bad. 

Again, the screen directly in front of the driver could have been much thinner (matching the shape of the vents on the passenger side) and the whole interior would have been much more minimalist, and more similar to the Model 3 design. While displaying convenient info in front of the driver. 

I always liked the Model S. But, like many, was never crazy about the interior. Which never came close to matching the quality and feel of similarly priced cars from the competition. I am not sure yet about the new interior. Which could be great in real life. Or not… 

At least from pictures, it really doesn’t seem to match the fantastic Lucid Air interior…


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  1. i'm a tesla fan and own a model 3 but this interior looks like a step backwards. It is too plain and doesn't appear nearly as luxurious as it should for the price tag. That coupled with the minimal changes to the exterior make me concerned for the model s's future. With the new mercedes eqs and lucid around the corner, the model s could be in trouble.

  2. I'm a Tesla fan and own a model 3 but this is a big disappointment and seems like a step backwards in luxury for the model s. With the new mercedes eqs and lucid air on the way, the model s will no longer be "THE" luxury EV to own. It might have a price advantage vs. the others but will lose a lot of prestige. Model S sales were already low, so with fierce competition on the way, they should be very concerned.

  3. the steering wheel design is ugly and the plastic looks really cheap. could be just the images, but it's a huge turn off. the center console (lack thereof?) also looks really cheap. but overall, I'm not a tesla fanboy, I would never buy their appliances on wheels.

  4. I love electric cars and see them as the next mass alternative to IC vehicles, but man for the life of me don't get the hysteria over Teslas. Their build quality is poor, service experience is poor, reliability questionable and those interiors are mind numbingly boring. This Model S interior is so drab and uninspiring, I think Tesla will have some serious sales challenges once the established manufacturers release their models this year.

    I mean compare this interior to the Audi eTrons, upcoming Kia EV6, Nissan Ariya, Genesis or Hyundai Ioniq etc and it's night and day.

  5. I might be in the minority here, but I see this as an improvement and I already think the model S exterior looks better than the MB EQS, however NOTHING touches the MB's interior.

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