2022 Mercedes GLC: new illustration…

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 I guess the new GLC is scheduled to be the next new Mercedes we see. Unless the new SL beats it.

The GLC is a very important car for Mercedes. As it is the brand’s most popular car in the US. At over $43 000 to start, it’s far from cheap. And quite expensive for a 4 cylinder car. No matter what, I still think a car of this price should really have a 6 cylinder standard. I have never driven one, but I hear the Mercedes 2.0 Liter isn’t the smoothest thing. (it always sound quite rough and cheap from the outside)

Still, the next generation will probably be even more popular. I also think it’s about time for Mercedes to electrify things a bit in the US. They already offer many plug-in hybrid models in Europe. 

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  1. I'm surprised you take such issue with the price of this with 4 cylinders. Do you have the same issue with the Q5?

  2. Yes. Although the Audi 2.0 Liter seems smoother and quieter than the Mercedes one. I still think a base price of about $45 000 (including destination) should include a smooth 6 cylinder.
    These European manufacturers are just getting cheap and greedy…

  3. I own a 2019 GLC300, I do agree that its not the smoothest of 4 cylinders, but besides that, its pretty peppy and mileage has been great, I have been average around 450 miles per tank, the roughness really doesnt bother me for the most part as it only occurs at slow speeds. It is a good freeway/highway vehicle. I do still wish that they did offer a v6 option and not just in the GLC43 variant.

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