2023 Chevrolet Colorado: early spy shot…

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Well… At least from these photos (more HERE), the “new’ Chevrolet Colorado doesn’t really look that new to me.
Even the mirrors look exactly the same.
So far, this just looks like a mid-cycle refresh and not an all-new generation. 2 years from now, the Colorado will be quite old. (While it came out in the US for 2015, it had been on sale overseas since 2011)
The competition isn’t resting either. There will be a new Ford Ranger out next year. As well as the VW version based on it.
And by 2023 Honda could have a new Ridgeline (Unless they cancel the whole thing before)
A new Nissan Frontier is also right around the corner. And Toyota is at work on a new Tacoma.
Life could be tough for a “not so new” Colorado in a year or two.
Although, if GM really is planning to phase out all ICE models in the next few years, I see why they wouldn’t invest in an all-new generation…
Apparently, the only engine available will be the 2.7 Liter Turbo. From the Silverado and Cadillac CT4.
In the CT-4, I thought it was a fine engine. Pretty smooth with plenty of power. With decent MPG (18/33 observed). But not that much better than a V6, really.
And again, even though this is at least a year (maybe 2) away, GM doesn’t seem to have any electrification planed…


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  1. i heard a rumor that the new Canyonero will feature an all new interior with a 34 inch tablet as the steering wheel.
    And to cut costs, a virtual, simulated airbag will deploy on the tablet screen if involved in a front end accident while driving and Youtubing . Altho i could be lying….

  2. I heard the Tacoma will either be 2022 or early 2023. It is supposed to be the 86 this summer, a crossover in the fall, and the all-new Tundra in Q4. The Tundra btw should be leaked to dealers on June 17th, and to the public by the end of June, trims and full specs leaked in August, and a fall or winter debut. The electric F-150 kind of changes a lot of things so Toyota might fast-track or delay one project or another. But with those three products out of the way, the next year 2022 was supposed to be the Sequoia and Tacoma, or the Taco gets delayed to early 2023.

    2023 is just too far away for the Colorado. My bet is that it'll take inspiration from the military project based on it… the one GM is using to try and secure a 25 billion dollar department of defense contract haha. Plus there's no point in abandoning ICE before 2025. The battery tech just isn't there yet, and neither is the network to supply a nation full of EV's.

  3. Education Project, what you stated is not accurate on the Tacoma. All and any information on the next Tacoma originated from me, in early 2020 per a Motor1 article I co-authored and from there, everyone copied it, especially on Instagram and reworded it.

    I have stated so many times, there is nothing all-new regarding the Tacoma for 2022 in terms of a redesign. I really don't like repeating this, because it should be a known factor by this point. Production begins in the 3rd quarter of 2023, for model year 2024.

    Tundra as I said nearly 2 years ago, is a December 2021 launch. It has held firm in spite of the pandemic and worse, because Toyota has maintained that launch timetable miraculously. They are not fast tracking anything either. Tundra, Sequoia, 4Runner, and Tacoma are fighting to remain ON SCHEDULE, let alone you speculating they'll be moved forward during a chip shortage.

    The Colorado is 2023 and no sooner. I wish we all would exercise due diligence, before commenting in an informational manner.

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