2022 Ford Maverick: this is it…

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The new Ford Maverick looks exactly like what we expected: a small pick-up for truck people. It looks like Ford tried very hard to make it look like a small F-150. Which is basically what the truck audience probably wants. And it could be another huge hit for Ford. 
For non-truck people who still like the idea of an open bed behind the seats (for some reason), there is the new Hyundai Santa Cruz. Which is of course a much more stylish choice.
Ford has claimed the new Maverick will start at around $20 000. Of course, that will be for the cheapo work truck version, with nothing.
The one pictured here is probably over $30 000…
No specs yet, (we’ll know everything in a few days) but it is rumored to use the same engines as the Bronco Sport (1.5 L and 2.0L) since they also share a platform.
More very soon. 


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  1. "Of course, that will be for the cheapo work truck version, with nothing."

    Thank you, Capt. Obvious.

  2. This interior looks great! Why couldn't the 2021 Edge get this instead of the jury-rigged vertical screen?

  3. The Santa Cruz interior design alone justifies the price increase over the Maverick. No contest imo. Powertrain is way better on the Santa Cruz too.

  4. Sure if you like shiny stuff that gets smudges and scratches just by looking at 'em. Powertrain? We'll see on the 8th.

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