2022 Honda Civic hatchback: finally…

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After all this time, we finally get to see official photos of the new-generation 2022 Honda Civic hatchback.
As predicted, it does look nicer and more modern than the rather stodgy sedan. (At least in my hatchback fan opinion) And a huge classy improvement over the current messy-looking generation.
It is also shorter than the sedan. ( by almost 5 inches). With the new flatter and longer hood, the hatchback now looks a bit too short. For some reason, Honda also claims the rear seat has almost 1.5 inches more legroom.
Engines are the same as the sedan. But “Sport” and “Sport Touring” versions can be ordered with a 6-speed manual.
The interior is exactly the same as the sedan, except, of course, for the cargo area.
Which doesn’t seem to have a flat floor (At least from the pic above) and is weirdly narrower right behind the rear seats. So it doesn’t seem as practical as it could be.
At least (from the bottom pic) you can tell it is quite easy to load up the big screen 4K TV you just stole in a dark alley at night.
(Good to know!)
On another note, I will be test driving the new 2022 Civic Sedan in a few weeks. 


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  1. At least (from the bottom pic) you can tell it is quite easy to load up the big screen 4K TV you just stole in a dark alley at night.
    (Good to know!)

    I doubt you'd have the 'nads to write that if they weren't white.

  2. Looks a little stubby in the back. I wish designers would not shorten the overall length compared to the sedan variations. I think this would improve the looks of hatchbacks, but would also greatly improve utility. I'm guessing its a weight issue since they have to add structure for the hatch.

  3. The side profile of the civic hatchback is all wrong. It's roofline is identical to that of the sedan except the very end of the trunk. You typically like a hatchback because you get more headroom and more trunk space but its headroom in the back seat is literally identical to the sedan's and you don't gain a lot of trunk space because its trunk is much shorter than the sedan's.

  4. It definitely is more attractive than the sedan, but would have been even better with a more raked A-pillar. I still say that more vertical front windshield is way too conservative for a 2022 automobile design. The Mazda 3 (sedan only) is my pick for most attractive in this class though, inside and out. If only it still had the multi link rear suspension though.

  5. This hatch does make me more anxious to see the new type R though, which will most definitely be more attractive than the current generation. It also makes me hope the Si will be offered in the hatch body too, however I doubt that is going to happen, since Honda doesn't want to step on the Type R's toes. I am REALLY liking the open 5 spoke wheel design. Has a real NSX/TLX Type S vibe.

  6. More like a fastback than a hatchback! I'm guessing poor rear seat headroom and very limited cargo space. What's the point? It's only slightly more practical as a utility vehicle than the sedan, if it is at all. Fail!

  7. That threshold from the cargo area to the seat area looks identical to what you'd find in a regular sedan. It looks like Honda cheaped out and used the same structure there. That coupled with the shorter length and sloped hatchback means the hatch is probably less useful than the sedan for carrying things.

    Never understand how these manufacturers manage to make the hatchback versions have smaller trunks than the sedans.

  8. +10000000% what Doug said.. the weird sculpturing behind the rear seats looks just like where the sedan's rear seat folds down. Shame they couldn't have recontoured it for a flat hatch floor, but maybe the expected production volumes don't justify it. Especially if there will be no midline Si model between the Sport and Type R.

  9. what Doug said above. This car is a fail in so many ways, from the fat forehead to the stubby tail, and it's way too big now. but the biggest fail is on practicality, with that transition between the back of the rear seats and the trunk that steals a lot of usable width. What the heck were they thinking? FAIL.

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