New Lexus Coupe: weirdo spy shot…

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There seems to be a new rumor about Lexus getting its own version of the new Toyota GT86. 

Which makes zero sense. Until you see this weird grainy spy shot of what looks like a GT86 with a Lexus grille. So what could it really be?

1. Indeed a Toyota with a Lexus grille.

2. A mule for a new Lexus based on the Toyota/Subaru platform.

3. Some private conversion to make some guy’s Toyota look like a Lexus.

4. A joke on all of us…

(Thanks to a reader for the pic.)


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  1. Toyota/Lexus are completely lost. They really want to be the best but their solid state battery tech is not there ready to mass produce solid state battery powered EVs for another 3-5 years. No one prefers their hybrids over pure EVs from other manufacturers. Their ICE vehicles lack advanced software. Toyota's Hydrogen Fuel cell technology is now behind Hyundai's. Toyota has been like someone who cannot find a washroom when having really bad diarrhea and this Lexus coupe is like giving up and letting it go in his pants.

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