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A new generation Toyota Prius is now scheduled to be introduced in January 2023.

It is also supposed to be based on a revised version of the current TNGA platform. And will retain the 1.8 Liter engine. The current battery pack would also return. But the engine itself will be modified to be even more efficient, which will result in higher MPG numbers for the new model.

The design will adopt a more coupe-like shape. (The image above is just an illustration)

These are not earth-shattering news. It basically means the next Prius will be an evolution of the current car based on the same platform and using most of the current tech.

It’ll be interesting to see if PHEV will be standard. By late 2023, Toyota’s own EV will be out. The Prius might be seen as old tech unless they found a way to get some incredible MPG numbers. Or around 100 miles of EV range on the PHEV.

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  1. Dream on. If the current battery pack is going to be used, exactly how are they going to get 100 miles of EV range? Where do you put the juice?

  2. Will the upcoming EV have more total range than current PHEV combined range?
    I don't think it will be anywhere close and neither will be charging speed so there is room for another PHEV generation that will be more practical and cheaper and best of both worlds for quite a while.

    If long pure ev range exists and is really that important, then you still have the issue finding a charger everywhere. And if not (typically), the phev will cover it.

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