Canoo hatchback: already a new model…

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New carmaker Canoo has already announced their van and pick-up models. As well as a delivery truck.
The lifestyle van starting at around $35 000 before incentives. Which could be great if it actually happens. (You can even pre-order one HERE)
They have already mentioned their intention of producing even more models. The car pictured above would be next.
Looking like it would compete with the Model 3. Or even the Model Y.
Which of course, could have the potential to be super popular.
I do admire the new company. Their designs are really clean and futuristic. First deliveries of the van are scheduled for 2022. But… This is still a startup. And there have been only vague statements about a factory in Oklahoma. Opening in 2023. So, not really sure how these 2022 vans will be built before…
It seems that no matter what, this would be years away.
Still. At least they look really interesting…


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  1. First, you should really credit the Reddit post you snagged those pictures from.

    Second, you should do more research. The 2022 vehicles will be build by a contract manufacturer, VDL Nedcar, who currently builds the Mini Cooper and BMW X1. Canoo has already signed a deal.

    Third, statements regarding the Oklahoma facility aren’t “vague.” Watch the IR Day Presentation, there’s a plethora of information.

  2. Ok, all jokes about the brand name a side, after checking out the website, that van (?) is actually really interesting and introduces alot of cool packaging advancements, as well as a very modern design, inside and out. The available street view window is a great idea. Looking forward to seeing more. Seems to be a great value too.

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