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It seems the new 2022 Civic Hatchback is everywhere these days. At least, some people are seeing them and taking photos. Here are just a few of them.
Again, I do think it looks much better than the sedan. Although really not futuristic, it is a very clean design that might age pretty well.
On another note, I am scheduled to drive a Touring version of the new Civic (sedan). Which, hopefully, will change my mind about the new Civic. 
At least, most of the stuff I didn’t like in the Sport version I tested earlier. Like slow take off with the 2.0 Liter/CVT, noisy & harsh ride, etc…
These should be fixed with the Turbo engine and different tires. (are they different tires?)
We’ll see…


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  1. It looks way better than the sedan from the B-pillar back. Unfortunately, it's the same as the sedan from the B-pillar forward, and as a result kind of looks like 2 different cars front to rear.

  2. Proportions are way off with the rear overhang being far too short. Also, that uptick squiggly look behind the rear window looks bad everywhere it’s been tried, whether on the Infiniti G whatever it is now coupe, Caddy CT5 (the worst) or here. Finally, goofy plastic appendages aside, at least the last Civic hatch looked like a hatch. This new one is just one more fastback four door in what seems like an endless parade of them. Memo to automakers: the fastback look may capture a small segment of SUV buyers but it’s convincing absolutely no one to to choose a car over a truck.

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