2023 Genesis GV60: another color…

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Of course, Genesis had to quickly show their new GV60 EV in another color than the weirdo neon green they introduced it with a few weeks ago. (HERE
It’s fine to offer that lime color in a luxury car. But I don’t think it is the best idea for a first impression…
This light silver pictured above is much more becoming of a luxury brand. Although that ridiculous pale blue console finish makes the whole thing look like a cheap toy. (That stupid looking “crystal knob” isn’t helping either)
I know, there must be other colors/trims available. But again, why even show us this first???
So far, we don’t even have any official pricing info for the Ioniq5 and EV6. But the Genesis version will be more expensive than both (With apparently no standard sunroof)
Which could mean at least $45 000/50 000 to start?
And that would put it in direct competition with the Tesla Model Y. No matter how you love or hate Tesla, the Y is the one people want. Most people will only buy something else if it is much cheaper. 
Maybe that’s why they are still working on US pricing since it all depends on it…
Good luck…


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  1. Ok, much better color on this one. I am kind of liking the overall design now. Especially the front, which might be the best on any EV so far.

  2. I didn't like the green at all, but this looks much better. I also saw a picture online of it in black, and again, much better than the green.

  3. This is a MUCH improved color. Not a fan of the crystal ball shifter. However, everything else looks pretty good.

  4. Genesis learned their lesson a few weeks ago to go to a much more favorable color. Maybe Kia and Hyundai are waiting to make a big profit overseas and then sell in the US for a more reasonable price. All their models should have a standard sunroof.

  5. agree with your assessment, Vince. People want the Tesla. Everything else better be less expensive or better in some way. Tesla comes with their own sales, charging infrastructure, etc. the whole ecosystem.

    It's like iPhone vs Android, either buy into the apple ecosystem or look for several Android choices, some are less expensive, etc. but they can't match what apple offers. only Samsung has made a significant impact in sales and they started to build their own ecosystem. iPhone will continue to be the phone desired by most.

    Same with Tesla vs other EVs. The Mustang EV is really nice but will it outsell the Model Y? How about the VW IDs? Doubt anyone who is looking for the Model Y will cross shop with this Genesis unless the latter has something VERY special to offer. And I don't see in these pics.

    And why would anyone get this vehicle when there is a very nice G80 Electric?

  6. You can paint this turd whatever color you want. The design simply doesn't not scream luxury. This reminds me of that oddball Lexus CT 200h.

  7. Apple IS NOT the biggest cell phone maker.

    1. Samsung (27.48% Market Share in 2021)
    2. Apple (26.35% Market Share in 2021)
    3. Xiaomi (10.8% Market Share in 2021)
    4. Huawei (8.66% Market Share in 2021)
    5. Oppo (5.67% Market Share in 2021)


    Please don't say "I meant the USA". That's even more pathetic.
    Genesis is a world wide brand and so aren't these companies.
    You bore me.

  8. Tesla cannot offer any service outside metropolitan areas. So a lot of people cannot buy a Tesla without expecting being into deep shit when problems come. It is not true with many other EVs.
    Also, one day, Tesla could also build car quality. It does not appear to be the case and with salt on our roads, I don't want a car body with the paint quality of a Tonka truck. Any other ev is better built.
    Yes, Teslas have the design, the tech, but to last, they'll need quality.

  9. thank you for the correction on apple vs samsung, I was merely trying to draw a parallel between the EV world and mobile phones.. from my experience, MOST people get the iPhones both for personal and corporate because a) iPhone is perceived as a premium product and b) the apple ecosystem. I believe the same is true with Tesla vs other EVs.

    I agree with the other comments re: metro areas. If you live far away from the coasts or from large metro areas, it may easier to buy another established brand as they are more likely to have a dealership/service dept near you. That likely means Ford, GM, maybe Jeep.

    I don't have a Tesla, only driven in them so I cannot speak for quality. For an established manufacturer, I think Ford is well positioned for growth and will soon be a leader in the EV space. They have hybrids, the Mustang Mach-E and the upcoming Electric F150 and a US-wide dealership/service network.

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