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At least from the photos, I am not a big fan of the new 2022 Toyota Cross. It tries really hard to look like a small RAV-4, and somehow, fails. With its huge grille, it just looks too weird and heavy-handed.
I think the RAV-4 actually looks much better…
A hybrid version (pictured above) is coming to the US next year. Which will help the new small Toyota to stand out a bit more. The current engine is the regular 2.0 Liter with 169HP.
A hybrid version with a 1.8-liter engine is already available in some overseas markets, but the US might be getting a larger engine.
Still, just look at that huge fake grille…


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  1. This is the Japanese spec, where the Corolla line has unique badging (note the C up front instead of the Toyota badge on this one) and their Corolla Cross will have a unique face. The already revealed Corolla Cross hybrid for other parts of the world looks the same as the non-hybrid and will be the same here. We won’t get one that looks like this.

  2. Like it or not, if Toyota puts a strong enough engine in it (so it doesn't take an hour to go 0-60) and it gets over 40mpg this will be a big hit (if there's enough chips to actually make them).

  3. I personally hate the design of the Corolla Cross. Toyota just trying to check some boxes to get yet another crossover to the market.

  4. I like the Toyota Cross , gas version , from the pics i seen online and the road test vids i watched based out of a couple of Asian countries.
    I mean, i'm not expecting it to be a hard core off roader, just something akin to the Corolla h/b but with awd and a roomier backseat/legroom.
    The 2.5L engine with 169hp seems like a good fit and pretty sure for most commuters it will scoot along just fine. Not a road rocket, just average acceleration of 8 to 8.5 seconds/0-60. If toyota sells this Cross at Corolla price point, they got a huge winner.
    The hybrid version, may be cool….but not if it is the same tepid and slow Corolla hybrid . Unless you strictly want the very good hybrid mpg.
    Either way, expect to see tons of these on city streets and freeways.

  5. technically speaking… isn't this just a renamed Prius V… it's exactly what a current iteration would look like… Interesting that they went with Corolla Cross…..


    but yes… for the books… personally i would pick the Rav-4 hybrid over this

  6. Chad, actually the Venza is pretty much the replacement for Prius V.. it's actually sized much closer to the V than it is the previous Venza.

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