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The current generation Subaru Imprezza was introduced back in March 2016. So it’s not that crazy to imagine a new design is on its way, after almost 6 years.
 It actually is an important design for Subaru in the US, because of the Crosstrek.

The Crosstrek is basically an Imprezza on stilts, covered in black plastic bits. While the Impreza isn’t a popular model over here, (Around 43 600 sold in 2020), the Crosstrek is. With almost 120 000 sold last year. 

I am pretty sure the illustration above is way off since Subaru is just not able to come up with a production design that modern. but we should be seeing more of these in the next few months, and maybe some actual prototypes driving around too. 

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  1. I think design this looks great!!! And something that is not a crazy concept, but is production "ready". Subaru its self over the years has come up with great designs.

    Unfortunately, as a Subaru fan, I know Subaru will follow their tradition, and the new Impreza will look nothing like this.

    Three tings I think Subaru needs to do:
    1) Utilizing design language like this (or from their great concept designs)
    2) Loose the plastic body cladding they are so fond of smothering their cars in. Plastic body cladding dose not = ruggedness (just look at the 4runner)
    3)Please, for the love of God, drop the CVT and go back to a torque converted transmission. I am sure Toyota has something you could use.

  2. Yeah, that's not going to happen. Subaru has an internal process that allows for decent looking concepts, but they must be beaten with an ugly stick for production.

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