2022/23 Ford sedan: ???

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 Of course, Ford has officially announced it would not be producing cars for the US market anymore. Except for the Mustang. Everything else is now SUVs or trucks.

So it is odd to see this almost ready brand new Ford sedan testing in the US. It is probably another Chinese market-only model. Unless they somehow decided to come up with a new electric sedan based on the Mach E?

I think this is actually based on the Chinese Evos hatchback. A sedan version of that model with its own design. Too bad, this would have made a very nice new Fusion. A PHEV-only sedan could be nice.

I guess I will NOT be seeing this at the upcoming Los Angeles Auto Show next month…

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  1. Ford would be well advised to produce PHEVs in their major classes of vehicles. I would love to see the EVOS in the raised hatch form as a PHEV sold here in the US. Ford said they're not going to develop new gas engines. But they could use existing small ones and this is a great place to do that. Why? most people who buy Ford products live heavily in the midwest/near West, where charging stations include: your home, and that's it. But every podunk town that doesn't even have a grocery store does have a gas station. People I know that have Tesla's and Bolt's in this area live in the larger towns, AND they have a large gas SUV or minivan in the garage too.

    BTW – what the H is up with Honda? Where are all these hybrids they keep promising: Accord hybrid, Insight, CRV. End of story. The Clarity is officially gone. And only the NSX at Acura has hybrid tech and this is its last year. Even if they're waiting for the Ultium battery tech to drop, they should have it intro'd with the new Civic, and get off their axxex as get the HRV/HRV hybrid intro'd. End of rant.

  2. Ford actually said they would stop making sedans, not cars. The silhouettes are changing, but otherwise everything is the same. Also, as virtually most cars are now crossovers, don’t crossovers just become cars at that point? The difference between a crossover, wagon, and van are minimal at best.

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