Edison Future EF1-T: another electric pick-up…

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It seems that every few days, there is another “new” EV manufacturer showing yet another electric truck or van.
Today we have this new EFT-1 from Edison Future. (Which is a blend of two companies, SPI Energy and Phoenix Motorcars.)
As usual, we get cool computer illustrations and very few specs. (350kW with 470HP or 600kW with 816HP)
And of course, production could start (in a few months)
I have to say, the design is quite interesting. The huge amount of solar cells could actually be useful, (They do add about 40 miles a day to the small Aptera EV).

My favorite is actually the weird-looking van version. Which seems an even more obvious blend of blunt and futuristic.
The interior also seems more inviting than the overly simplistic Tesla Cybertruck.
(This would be the perfect van for a 21st Century version of “Ironside”!)
Who knows, maybe these will actually be made one day…


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  1. finally!!!! 2 concepts I've wished more would latch on to:

    #1. A 3 front seat vehicle!!!! given the size of modern trucks, most should have 3 front seats. compare to the cars from the 1970s where MOST of them had 3 seats via a bench seat in the front. Some "personal coupes" were 6 seaters, 3+3

    That pickup truck could be a 6 seater.. .3+3. Maximize the passenger space. stop creating "styling" to mask the huge gap between the 2 front seats (looking at you Toyota Tundra, Chevy Silverado, etc.)

    needs some engineering, there should be a 3rd airbag in there for the middle passenger, the screen should be a bit higher and maybe closer to the driver?

    #2. solar cells. Especially for a large vehicle. recharge the battery while the vehicle is driving or parked! Seems like a no-brainer, especially if they can come up with lightweight solar cells. You can go to a charging station that has solar cells… OR, the vehicle can have its own rechargeable power source.

  2. I'm reminded of those wildly designed and coloured Hot Wheels toy cars when I was a kid. Probably why I liked Corgi and Matchbox cars better. This truck is a fun exercise in imagination, though.

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