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These are pure guesses since we haven’t seen any prototype of the next Prius around. 
I wonder how Toyota will keep the Prius relevant in an ever-increasing EV world. The only way, in my opinion, is the just keep the PHEV version and make sure it gets an amazing 100 miles electric range.
Unfortunately, Toyota doesn’t seem to be there yet. Their longest PHEV range so far is 42 miles.
Of course, it is larger and heavier than the Prius. But I really think 100 miles or close to it is a must to keep the Prius going.
What do you think?

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  1. For PHEVs 100 mile range at the moment is too expensive for carmakers. That's a range not far off for some EV's that are cheaper to produce without need for extra engine parts. Then they may as well do EV model only.

    But if Prius would get the same battery capacity as the RAV4, I could see this achieving 50-60 mi range. That should sell well again since it would be longest range PHEV with really great total range.

  2. A bit of a decade old Elantra look, but a far better looking car than the fourth gen dumpster fire. Hopefully it still has a hatch.

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