2022 Audi A8: a few new tricks…

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Audi has just revised the big A8 sedan for 2022. After 4 years, the current generation is only getting pretty mild changes. 
Which could be summarized as “bigger and shiner”.
Which is the usual for most of the industry these days. 
Which, of course, means a larger grille. With more chrome. To the point of getting ridiculous and almost vulgar. But again, following the current trend.
Not much seems to be happening in the rear. Same thing inside, where the 2022 model looks the same as the past few years. Still 2 screens and acres of piano black trim.
I do understand Audi. All luxury car makers want something to compete with the mighty Mercedes S-Class. But with such low sale numbers (less than 2400 sold in the US last year)  who wants to actually spend all the cash on something really new. Except for Genesis.
On top of that, luxury sedans, like everything else, are heading for electricity. And there are many rumors about Audi working on a stunning large electric luxury sedan.
Basically, this revised, old fashion A8 could be the last of its kind…


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  1. I enjoy my taking my parents 2019 A8 on trips. They put around 4500 miles a year on it in town only, so it's good to stretch its legs every now and then. Fantastic driving car with amazing ride quality with the most advanced suspension system I've ever seen. I must say I prefer the older car's styling in the front over this new one, but it's nice to see Audi's classy sedans are slower to age in styling overall. People who buy in this segment expect no less. Surprising to see the large grill got larger and quite garish.

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