2022/23 Honda Civic Hybrid: coming soon…

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Honda keeps introducing new versions of the 2022 Civic. Forst the sedan, then the hatchback, and the Si.
Now we get to see the upcoming Hybrid.
And it’s great to see it as a hatchback!
Although we’ll still have to wait for which body style will actually be offered in the US (my vote goes for the hatch)
I test drove the Touring version of the 2022 Civic Sedan just a few days ago and was able to get 50MPG on the highway. Which is amazing. I cannot imagine what the hybrid version will be getting.
Well… I can a little bit. Apparently, the hybrid will be paired with a 1.5 Liter engine (The larger Accord hybrid gets a 2.0 Liter)
I test drove a Honda Insight about 3 years ago. And I also did beat the official numbers by getting over 55MPG on the freeway. And almost 60 around town.
So far, it seems the new Civic Hybrid could be getting an updated version of that same powertrain. Which would be fantastic.
I really think there is a market for a great driving, good-looking and roomy hatchback Hybrid in the US.
The current Civic is a great driving car, and 60MPG on a trip would be icing on the cake.

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  1. Hopefully not a hatch. Those get broken into EVERY TIME they’re parked on the street in San Francisco or Oakland.

  2. I'm kinda liking the rear. You can take that however you like. 😉 Hatches are so useful, though. I think they should make a comeback to make a car more competitive with SUVs. Those things are so stale and dime-a-dozen now. Fingers crossed!

  3. A Civic Hybrid (Hatch) could end up being an actual perfect car. One of those cars that are capable of doing almost everything, at least on road.

  4. Wonder if they are making the Civic Hybrid a hatchback so they can keep the existing Insight sedan around for a few more years (a la Acura ILX)? Might be a smart move, though it would have made more sense for the Insight to be a hatch in the first place.

  5. Honda is being very cagey with their comments about the Insight's future and the introduction of the Civic Hybrid (they say, in Asia/Europe only) to the US. But, we'll see.

    They're very busy of late, with all their introductions for both Honda & Acura. Some of that cageyness(?) could just be trying to hold off so they have a constant stream of NEW flooding in, even as they prepare their Ultium battery platforms. I am actually surprised that Honda hasn't been more aggressive on their hybrid introductions: Insight, Accord, CRV (clarity is gone). But no PHEV's and no large model hybrids either. Seems like they're letting Hyundai and Toyota have the market. Lets hope they change that.

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