2023 Genesis GV70 “Electrified”: the “regular” EV…

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Genesis just introduced the electric version of their new GV70 SUV.
Specs are very similar to the Ioniq5/EV6, with super-fast charging. (If you can find a 350kW charger)
The range is rated at 312 miles in the Chinese test cycle.
Which should translate into less than 300 over here. 
Still, this will probably appeal to tons of people. The GV70 EV will even be built in the US next year. And will qualify for most tax credits and rebates. 
This could actually end up costing about the same as the regular gas version.
And that could be quite a game-changer…


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  1. After seeing the GV70 in person, the Porsche 928 style rear 1/4 window just doesn't do it for me. It looks way better in pics and vids imo. With the exception of the awesome rear styling, especially the exhaust outlet and valence treatment.

  2. I drove the more powerful version outfitted with the six-cylinder and was impressed by its performance and build quality.

    Now that they will make a GV70 electric variant, which is the better car GV60 or GV70 electric?

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