2023 Hyundai Venue: that “mid-cycle facelift”…

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The Hyundai Venues always look to me like a 3-year-old with giant braces.
That big grille is just too big for that little shape.
And so far, it hasn’t been a hit for Hyundai. With only around 19 000 sold last year, it is far behind the Nissan Kicks with almost 59 000 sold.
It looks like it is getting a new face for next year. One that might resemble the new Tucson. Just like what they just did with the small Creta (sold overseas)
Or not at all. It’s hard to say when the whole thing is almost covered up. The rear lights also look different.
And the interior could also be revised. Something Hyundai is known to do.
And why not…


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  1. Yeah it's ugly, but it probably still sells as well as the old Accent hatchback, and for much more money.

  2. It's a pretty cute little car even with the fence-for-a-grill face. I never think about these and can't remember seeing one on the road, but they're a great size for most needs.

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