Hyundai Ioniq 6: new rendering…

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This is, by far, the best rendering I have ever seen of the upcoming Hyundai Ioniq 6 electric sedan.
Another masterpiece by HITEKRO
It looks very real and does match all the spy shots we have seen of the car. (Is it actually a real photo?)
I do like the design quite a bit. Except for the terrible huge spoiler. (Same thing on the last generation VW Beetle). Which I guess is somewhat needed on such a droopy rear shape. Still, something like that should really be better integrated into the design. Or maybe this will be an option.
The 20-inch Ioniq 5 wheels also look great on this. And again, too bad such a fastback shape doesn’t come with a proper hatchback. I mean, really…
If priced right, this could mean serious and very stylish competition to the Tesla Molde 3. 
Again, “if priced right”. We still don’t have pricing for the Ioniq 5 in the US. Most are guessing around $40 000 to start. I really think it should be under $38 000 to make a strong statement. 
Which would still leave room for this Ioniq 6 to be priced below the Tesla Model 3. (now starting at $45 000)


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  1. Yes, Vince, this looks a lot better than the last renderings. Nice job from this angle. Wheels and spoiler…not so much. And yes, too, on the proper hatchback. Why not? Unless cost is somehow why not. Let's see how the front end will look. Hopefully, since no grill is necessary, there won't be yet another gaping maw like on almost everything else.

  2. Don't back into anything or there goes the trunk lid and most of LED light bar with the bumper. I hope the sensors and cameras work. Wheels are kinda cool, kinda cartoonish. Is spoiler optional? It'd be cooler if it popped up at speed. Nice car. Friend just showed me your car page. Awesome blog Burlapp dude

  3. Is it possible that wing is active? It appears like it might nestle nicely at the bottom edge of that rather large rear window.

  4. Is it possible that the wing is ‘active’? To me it seems it might fit nicely nestled at the bottom edge of that large back window

  5. Is it possible that the wing is ‘active’? To me it seems it might fit nicely nestled at the bottom edge of that large back window

  6. Nice! Based on all of the spy shots, it's quite convincing indeed. Plus, it's got just about the right design language.

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