2023 Lexus RZ: Compared to the concept and Toyota version…

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As we can see from these photos, the production model Lexus RZ’s proportions are closer to the Toyota version than the concept.
Which is really too bad, but also expected. Since these two will share pretty much everything we can’t see.
The great proportions and stance of the concept are gone. But that doesn’t mean the Lexus RZ won’t be good-looking.
The Toyota b4 ZXZXYZ looks quite good in person. And the Lexus will probably end up looking just fine.
Pricing is still a question mark, since we don’t even know how much the Toyota and Subaru versions will cost. I would think this will start at above $50 000. It will be competing in the US with the upcoming Cadillac Lyriq, itself starting ar around $59 000.
Still, that concept was really nice…

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  1. D se o what the difference between the Toyota B4WXYZ and the Lexus version other than a predator grill with no real opening?

    There are is a ton of SUCs with chrome going through the C pillars
    Jeep Compass, Nissan Rogue, Acura RDX, Some Buick, Mitsubishi Cross,

  3. Yeah, that window angle was going to make it into production. SMH. It's a lower end / up scale hauler, not a Lambo.

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