Mystery SUV: just parked there…

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 This was sent to me by a reader, and I just cannot tell what it is.

It even looks like it could be from a few years ago, but who knows. While the LED lights seem quite current, the shape looks like something older. 

If it is new, my bet would be Kia. Is it something obvious that is already out? Am I that out of it?

It does also look a lot like the current Niro. Except shorter. Some test mule?

The spy shot above actually reminds me of these cool Mitsubishi Space Runners from the ’90s. 

These cool tiny vans were also sold by Plymouth and Dodge in the US I believe. 

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  1. the little Japanese mini -vans like the Mitsubishi pictured were good little roomy compact vehicles . Not speed demons, but they were zippy enough , could of been bought with a manual transmission/ 4wd, decent on the mpg, easy to park, etc.
    – 1986-1989 Nissan Stanza Wagon
    -1992–1994 Eagle Summit / Mitsubishi Expo / Plymouth Colt Vista
    -1987 Honda Civic 4WD Wagon
    – remember the 1985 toyota Tercel wagon, the corolla wagon?
    i call them mimi -mini vans but basically they were 4 dr hatchbacks with tall headroom roofs. Nothing heavy duty, just something good for a family of four,affordable, able to transport groceries, occasional hardware store jaunt, fwd or awd, lots of greenhouse glass so easy to drive and see out of.
    Closest thing in modern times i guess would be the Honda Fit, Nissan Versa h/b.

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