Mystery SUV: a look inside…

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While most seem to think this mystery SUV is indeed the US version of the new Honda HR-V for 2023.
(Red one is the “global” model already on sale overseas)
From what we can see, a whole new design for the US seems a lot of work (not even mentioning investment) for such a blah result.
Since the global model seems to already have a bit more personality.
The front end of the SUV (seen HERE) doesn’t even look alike any other new Honda product in the US.
Including the 2023 CR-V.
Still, if this is really the HR-V, Honda might not change the interior design. The grainy view of the interior does look quite similar to the one in the red European HR-V.
(Although, any tablet would look the same from that angle…)
The last 2 photos show the interior of the new European version. It seems pretty nice, and a real upgrade from the current version.
Whatever this is, they are already testing a hybrid version of it, which is good news.

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  1. Remember how much work Honda would put into making the US Accord different from the Japan/EU Accord just to meet American market tastes? I could see Americans wanting a more formal, truck-like roofline. Especially after seeing how they’ve butched up the Ridgeline this year

  2. pretty sure this is the new upcoming north american HRV . Which i think looks very nice inside and out.
    It be cool if it had a strong turbo 4 cylinder and not just strictly a hybrid.
    Either way, my broke ass cannot afford to buy a happy meal these days.

  3. The global HR-V is actually quite a nice design, and it's light years ahead of whatever is under that camouflage..

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