20?? Tesla Cybertruck: new spy shots…

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This looks like the same prototype we saw a few days ago HERE

And it could be the only Cybertruck we see for a while. Since Elon has announced that Tesla will not release any new models in the year 2022. All these people who spent money reserving one will just have to wait even longer. Or get something with a real steering wheel, like a Ford F-150 EV, Rivian, or the Silverado EV.

That announcement also means no Semi this year either. (reservations for the Semi were $20 000!) Even though companies like Walmart and many others will have to wait. Or lose all that money.

But it is all very logical. Tesla has tons of orders for Model Y and 3 to fill out. These cars do need to be built and the new factories in Texas and Germany will help. But there is no room for anything else for a while. The smaller “Compact Tesla” is also on hold. That thing will be on the back burner for a long time. A big market in Europe that could be lost to many other manufacturers soon.

Once the Model Y and 3 are everywhere, (which is already the case in many places) will they still be something special? Will a $60 000 electric car with so so built quality and below-average interior be enough to keep tesla successful. Especially once almost all cars are EVs?

But no matter how long the Cybertruck is delayed, it will still look weird and futuristic when it finally comes out…


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  1. Barf. What a hideous vehicle. It looks like the material is paper thin. Look at that photo from the rear, there's no depth on the bed. So if somebody smacks this thing looks like it'll immediately hit the driver.

  2. Wow, it just looks so incomplete. The edges are so harsh and sharp. There are literally no transitions. The front headlights are purely in the front the rear headlights are apparently in the back. Nothing flows, this is truly one of the ugliest designs of a car I've ever seen.

  3. Definitely weird. It has a couple of cool concepts/idea, but considering so many "normal" looking electric trucks will be out before it, especially ones with a built in fan base, I think the electric trucks market is one area Tesla will not lead in. And based on their prices, they may not even be able to challenge in it.

  4. Not good looking.

    There will be the Tesla bro's who will love it no matter what. But I know this is a very polarizing design and I am willing to bet most people will not like its design. Sure people will take photos, but that is because of the novelty and stark difference in design compared to everything else.

    I'm not liking this though. It doesn't look like a production vehicle. Surprisingly large panel gaps on the hood and tons of places for dirt and grime to collect all around this. Look at the front bumper, and side skirts, even the wheel wells. This vehicle is a mess and will be a pain to clean.

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