2023 Toyota Sequoia: official photos…

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The design of the new 2023 Sequoia seems surprisingly restrained. Especially when compared to the 2022 Tundra.
None of these giant SUVs will win beauty contests, but against the current competition, this isn’t worse.
The interior is super squared off. Straight lines everywhere. Looks like a big ruler was the main design tool. The dashboard from the Tundra is still quite a mess. Nothing like the really good looking 2022 Silverado interior (Let’s hope the 2023 Tahoe is getting that same dash)
The photo of the rear seats folded looks quite odd. Showing the rear seats not folded flat. Making the loading floor really high. Actually, the worst I’ve ever seen recently. It seems everyone else has solved that problem. Years ago…
The new Hybrid V6 engine replaces the old V8. With 437HP and a 10-speed auto.
Which will surely improve the previous version’s 15MPG combined.
And the whole package will also improve on the poor 8000 units sold last year…


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  1. It looks good. But I just wonder how many people will be buying these. If you are to trust in the media they say these large vehicles or dinosaurs and that their time has come. That everyone is getting more fuel efficient vehicles and The Fringe are buying electric cars. I wonder if these will sell well, because it looks way better than the earlier Sequoias ever did.

    Is this not based on the new Land Cruiser?

  2. I think it looks great and will hopefully sell like hot cakes. I just hope it doesn't rot on the vine like the current model.

    I don't appreciate the red brake light turn signals in the rear, but "'merica" I guess.

  3. Big improvements over the previous gen which was looking so outdated. They release this though when big SUVs are declining in sales thanks to crazy high gas prices and inflation. I will be curious to see how they sell. Nice they didn't do a floating roof as well.

    Why couldn't the Tundra front end look like this?

  4. Good thing that they changed the rare pillar or that greenhouse would had looked too much like an Infiniti.

    SUVs with Black A Pillars: Infiniti, Soul, Nissan Z, Nissan Maxima, Saab, Land Rover, Mini Cooper, Seltos, EV6, G60, now add the Sequoia to the Black A Pillar List.

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